Box-Making Capabilities

“The physical characteristics of our superior board grades, extensive technical know-how, and the high degree of converting precision, have improved our capability. Sheet basis weight, smoothness, consistent moisture profile, caliper control, porosity and brightness have raised the quality of our corrugated sheets and boxes.”

John Widera, Chairman, CalBox Group

“A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.”

JRR Tolkien, from the Hobbit (Answer? An egg)

The Bottom Line

Creating custom boxes or displays without understanding need, purpose and knowledge is like a doctor prescribing without diagnosis: They are both examples of malpractice.

At ACC, our dedication has paid off as delivery audits by Fortune 500 customers resulted in hard-earned perfect 100% scores thus earning their confidence – resulting in less customer inspections and more trust.

Thus, if you’re looking to lower your future total packaging cost, ACC has the expertise to even help solve potential exposure to a “black swan claim” event.


ACC proven quality boxes are supplied in plain Kraft, coated, or white. The top liners are made from recycled or virgin paper. Laboratory tests results meet or exceed competitors’ products.


ACC sheets are sent from our new corrugator to the converting machines that print, score, slot, die cut, glue, fold and stack. With these modern converting machines, we provide customers with continuity of craftsmanship while meeting their expectations and our high standards.

Because we use the right technology, balanced liners and better flute profiles – we are unmatched by any other box manufacturer.

COMPUTER Quality Control

ACC conducts test on boxes for Arizona’s heat and humidity conditions.To insure consistent quality controlled paper, we run random tests for caliper, edge crush, ring crush, flat crush, pin adhesion and basis weight measurements.

We are ISO 9001and AIB (Food) Quality Certified. It means, identifying any cause and taking corrective action. Why? The standard of acceptance keeps rising higher and higher. Quality results don’t just happen by chance at ACC.

Schedules and Tracking


The scheduling supervisor coordinates and confirms the production and shipping dates, quantities, color, and die-cutting.

Scheduling also selects the appropriate papers grade from our roll stock inventory. We can customize many board combinations to match your specifications.

Inventory is bar coded, allowing each order to be tracked by computer, cameras and monitors throughout the entire manufacturing process. Customers can view their monthly usage reports and delivery status to forecast repeat orders via our Customer Care Portal.

acc26-1 Logistics

Our computerized shipping departments schedule Just-in-Time delivery requirements, using our own fleet of trucks and drivers. Courier trucks speed up delivery of free samples and small hot orders.

Smart, strategic warehousing is another integral factor. “The popular belief is in the 80/20 Rule, where 20% of products make up 80% of shipments.Well, we believe in the 100% On-Time Rule. Nobody likes to wait,” says Chris Morales, one of our shipping managers.

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